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Alex Amankwah disqualified  from World Athletics Championship

Due to a lane infringement, Alex Amankwah of Ghana was disqualified from the World Athletics Championship that is now taking place in Oregon, USA.

Amankwah finished the second heat of the 800 m race in fourth place with a time of 1:45.92. Due to the lane violation rule, he was excluded from what might have been an automatic qualification to the semi-finals.

The competitor might have been the only person from Ghana to have made it to this year’s World Olympic Championship semifinals when competitors.

After the race, the Ghanaian spoke about how devastated he was to have broken the sport’s rules.

I walked on the line exactly three times in the first 20 meters, which is why I was disqualified, which is disappointing because I knew I was good enough to advance.

The 30-year-old claimed that after working hard to grow to this height, he was disappointed to learn that he had been eliminated from the contest.

In the 800-meter competition, Alex Amankwah continues to hold the national record for the fastest Ghanaian.

The upcoming events will see Team Ghana putting in a lot of effort in the Men’s 4X100 meter relay.

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