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Barcelona has taken a major step towards changing

Barcelona has taken a major step towards changing the financial situation at the club after the club’s members approved two operations on Thursday evening.

First of all, Barcelona’s board now has permission to sell 49.9% of Barcelona Licensing and Merchandising. That confirmed the value of the deal, which is still to be made, would be a minimum of €200m and that they would have an option to repurchase their stake.

They also approved a second motion that allows the club to sell 25% of their income from television rights over the course of the next 25 years. They also confirmed that for each 10%, they would demand a minimum of €200m.

With those two levers activated, the club will reduce the debt significantly, and Barcelona will now hit the market hard! Lewandowski, Raphinha, Kounde, Azpilicueta, Di Maria and Bernardo Silva are the players that interest coach Xavi very much, but a lot will still depend on the departures of the non-wanted players.

Barcelona should be one of the clubs with the most activity on the transfer market. So, stay tuned with Sportening to be the first to know all relevant and reliable news.

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