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Fulham take cheeky swipe at Klopp after dry pitch complaint
Fulham take cheeky swipe at Klopp

Fulham’s social media admins were able to have some fun at Jurgen Klopp’s expense on Sunday, as they took a cheeky swipe at the Liverpool manager’s post-match comments.

Klopp lamented Liverpool’s display in their Premier League opener at Craven Cottage, with the early kick-off on Saturday finishing 2-2.

He told BT Sport: “The best thing about the game is the result, that we got a point from a really bad game for my side. Now the question is how can that happen.”

However, Klopp – who has a previous track record of using pitch or weather conditions to excuse a slightly below-par display – couldn’t help but mention that “the pitch was dry”.

A throwaway comment it may have been, and in the wider context it was clear Klopp was far more frustrated with his team than the pitch, but that did not stop the comments going viral on social media.

On Sunday, Fulham took the opportunity to crack a joke, tweeting a photo from prior to kick-off on Saturday at Craven Cottage, showing sprinklers watering the pitch with the accompanying caption: “The Craven Cottage turf looking absolutely lush yesterday.”

Fulham’s jibe might well be used against them when they travel to Anfield later in the season – ask Brighton and Hove Albion how social media posts can be reversed for likes and  retweets – but they at least took the chance to get one over on Liverpool‘s manager.

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