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‘I wanted to change my name at a point’ –  Hans Nunoo Sarpei on bearing the same name with ex-Ghana defender

Ghanaian midfielder Hans Nunoo Sarpei has opened up on how bearing the same name as former Ghana defender Hans Adu Sarpei.

The 23-year-old in an interview revealed how interesting and sometimes frustrating when people thought it was his nickname.

The Ingolstadt midfielder is related to Hans Adu Sarpei who happens to be his uncle.

Nunoo Sarpei was named after the former Ghana international and has gone on to follow in the footsteps.

Hans Adu Sarpei  had a successful career playing for top clubs in Germany such as Schalke, Hamburg and also played in Ghana’s first World Cup in 2006.

According to the defensive midfielder there was one time his teacher doubted him when he mentioned his name as Hans Nunoo Sarpei.

Narrating the incident in an interview he said, “I had a problem bearing the name Hans Sarpei. It gave me a lot of problems and I even wanted to change my name which I even complained to my mother at a point”.

“One time at school, my teacher thought I was joking when I mentioned my name. She claimed it was my nickname and insisted. I mentioned my real name until one of my teachers intervened that its true am Hans Nunoo Sarpei”

“Even at Liberty Professionals, some of the coaches thought my uncle Hans Adu Sarpei paid money for me to join the team. I was not paid salary at Liberty Professionals because they thought my uncle always gave me money”.

Hans Nunoo Sarpei revealed that despite being named after his uncle he hasnt heard from his him in years.

‘I don’t hear from my uncle but we don’t have any problem”.

Nunoo Sarpei joined relegated Ingolstadt from Bundesliga side Gruether Furth in the winter transfer window.

He made eight appearances before injury set in to end his season.

The Ghanaian midfielder is currently in Ghana to undertake some philanthropic works.

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