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The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will meet on Monday

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will meet on Monday in Doha in order to approve the changes in the regulations that will become official on July 1.

SUBSTITUTIONS: The possibility of making five changes during the game will become official. The championships of each country may or may not adopt it, but in all competitions organized by FIFA, the five changes will be official.

HANDBALL: When a player prevents a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by the opposing team by committing a handball offense, he must be sent off, regardless of where it occurs.

PENALTIES: Changes will be announced that affect goalkeepers and penalty shots. It was interpreted as valid that the goalkeeper could have one foot in front and the other behind the line, but in reality, it was an infraction.

The rule has been reformulated and it is emphasized that the spirit of the rule requires the goalkeeper to position both feet in direct contact with or directly above the goal line until the penalty is taken; In other words, the goalkeeper may not stand either in front of or behind the goal line.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC OFFSIDE: The semi-automatic offside, present in the Arab Cup and the Club World Cup, is still under study and the decision will not arrive at the congress to be held on Monday, but it will also be treated as a possibility.

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